Doc In A Box

IDM100 Medical Tablet - FDA-cleared for use by clinicians across all patient populations (neonate to adult)

  • VER-enabled for remote patient exams and consultations

  • Always on and ready to go with external case charger

  • All accessories connected; no need for external batteries

  • System can store up to 300 patient records

  • Patient management using Care Central

Standard Features

  • Sun Tech™ Blood Pressure

  • Medtronic Genius™ 2 Tympanic Thermometer

  • Nellcor OxiMax™ SpO2 sensor

  • 3-lead ECG

  • 2 internal HD cameras for medical images and video

  • Otoscope

  • Dermascope

  • General viewing camera

Expandable Options

  • Glucose

  • Spirometry

  • Medical cameras

  • Video Laryngoscope

Data Sheets