Doc In A Box

VER-MEDIC is a mobile telehealth case outfitted with the FDA-cleared 510(k) class II IDM100 medical tablet. VER-MEDIC provides immediate access to clinical care through a virtual exam, where clinicians remotely connect to specialists using videoconferencing and simultaneous viewing of vital signs, cardiopulmonary data and medical images for immediate assessment and clinical decisions.   

Patient information transfers directly to an EMR system. If there is a lack of network connectivity, the information will store and automatically forward when network connectivity becomes available.     

VER-MEDIC is a portable patient examination and diagnostic clinic that brings complete healthcare services to the field with the same accuracy as an in-hospital exam. VER-MEDIC features a full range of assessment tools and diagnostic capabilities. 

  • Electronic Stethoscope 

  • Respiratory Rate 

  • Medical Cameras 

  • Video Laryngoscope 

Diagnostic Tools 

  • SPO2 Pulse-Oximeter 

  • Weight / Height and BMI 

  • Thermometer 

  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure 

  • ECG (3 lead or 12 lead) 

Patient Assessment and Information 

  • Virtual Exam Room (VER) 

  • Patient Information 

    • Allergies, Medication, Food Intake, Notes

Data Sheets