Traveling Clinicians

Whether it’s a disaster situation, a house call or visiting an underdeveloped country, traveling clinicians can conduct complete medical exams using telehealth. Telehealth can greatly benefit patients with emergency needs, chronic illness, or in healthcare deserts where clinicians are scarce, specialists are unavailable, and adequate healthcare is inaccessible. When outfitted with Dictum Health’s telehealth platform, traveling clinicians can diagnose and assess patient health and provide treatment with the same accuracy of an in-hospital visit.

Dr. Jonathan Baugh, emergency room physician, Chief Medical Officer and Founding Partner at Remote Health Solutions, traveled to Haiti with Dictum Health’s VER-MEDIC telehealth case to conduct medical exams. In three days, the mobile clinic supported over 120 infant, child, and adult patients across Haiti. He later took the VER-MEDIC to the Dominican Republic and treated over 500 patients.

Many patients reported that they had never been seen by a physician before. The VER-MEDIC gave my patients in this rural area the same exam they would receive in my hospital.
— Jonathan Baugh, DO

During a week-long humanitarian trip to Haiti I had the opportunity to use the Virtual Exam Room (VER) device in the most austere environment. On our trip we visited numerous villages and orphanages in rural and urban Haiti. The ease of use, portability, and accuracy made this device a key piece for the trip because of the multiple accessories associated with the VER-MEDIC.
— Nate Jenson DO, Board Certified Emergency Physician, FACEP