With stroke patients every minute is crucial. Dictum Health's telestroke platform allows remote neurologists to perform a complete stroke assessment with vital signs, a stethoscope, 12 lead diagnostic ECG, and immediate access to radiological images through Care Central cloud services. 

Underserved rural and remote hospitals are generally not staffed with an on-site neurologist, the only specialist that can assess and administer the vital lifesaving drug Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) in a timely manner. Dictum Health's telestroke solution was designed to reduce the time from emergency room arrival to evaluation and treatment by opening access to a remote 'on call' neurologist that provides immediate clinical intervention.

Telehealth lets us reach into a community, connect with providers there and put them in contact with a stroke expert immediately. Of course, technology is just one part - people need to know stroke symptoms and get to a hospital as quickly as they can if a stroke is suspected.
— Dr. Justin Salerian, Neurologist and Director of the Tulane University Stroke Program