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Telestroke Platform

Early intervention improves patient outcomes, especially for underserved populations such as those in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and rural and community hospitals or any healthcare facility without a level II stroke center. Dictum Health’s telehealth platform can reduce door-to-needle time by connecting a remote on call neurologist to the local care team.  

During a virtual exam, a neurologist remotely controls the PTZ camera, completes the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS), and reviews radiological images via DICOM viewer to evaluate patients with stroke-like symptoms through Care Central’s user-friendly module. The stroke assessment offers TPA review and administration recommendations and captures metrics such as encounter and neurologist consultation time for improved clinical workflow. Care Central pre-populates inclusion/exclusion criteria with patient information, improves speed of assessment, and reduces manual entry transcription errors for improved patient outcomes. 

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