Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities (SNFs/ALFs) are challenged with paying costly penalties for hospital readmissions, loss of revenue, securing specialty care for high-acuity patients, and staffing facilities with quality care providers around the clock. Successful SNFs/ALFs have turned to telehealth to overcome these obstacles.

Communicare, a skilled nursing facility in Ohio, reported an 84% drop in hospital readmissions by using Dictum Health's integrated telehealth platform with hospitalist services. Our Virtual Exam Room (VER) meets diverse SNF/ALF patient needs by increasing access to clinicians and specialists. VER enables facilities to care for patients with chronic diseases, comorbidities, and post-acute needs. SNFs/ALFs that provide 24/7 access to a clinician or specialist using telehealth technology have a competitive edge because they can deliver quality around-the-clock clinical care to their patients, offering them and their families peace of mind.

The Dictum Health telehealth platform has become even more convenient and user-friendly now that the patient information and vital signs are automatically integrated into PointClickCare. Even if you are unfamiliar with the IDM100 Medical Tablet, the seamless PointClickCare integration eliminates manual data of vital signs and patient data, ultimately leading to more accurate, patient-centered care.
— Matt Spencer, LPN and Clinical Care Coordinator at Garden Manor Care Center