Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) & Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Chronic disease is the nation’s most costly healthcare challenge, a burden on healthcare infrastructure, and the leading cause of disability and death. To treat patients effectively with early interventions and to reduce the fiscal impact of chronic diseases, healthcare providers must get innovative. Management of chronic diseases via technology economizes healthcare resources and provides efficient, quality healthcare. 

Healthcare providers are excited about remote patient monitoring technology but are often too taxed to invest in and manage the equipment on the market. As a result, there are acute interventions, increased costs, and reduced quality of the patient experience.  

Dictum Health’s eVER-HOME platform can easily be deployed to achieve optimum clinical outcomes, address multiple quality measures, and manage patient expectations. Interactive care management and timely care intervention help care teams support the individual needs of each patient.  

In January 2019 CMS announced new initiatives that will make it more cost-effective for healthcare systems to introduce RPM and enhance their revenue stream.