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AT&T's IoT Connectivity Helping Divers in Shark-Infested Waters | Sharks, Healthcare and IoT Come Together During Discovery Channel's Shark Week

Tech Republic
July 26, 2018


Telemedicine Lands Primetime Spot on Discovery Channel's Shark Week

MobiHealth News
July 25, 2018


Paramedics at Sea Use VER-MEDIC Powered by AT&T to Monitor Extreme Survival Experts in an Ocean Full of Sharks

AT&T Newsroom
July 19, 2018


How AT&T Is Helping to Keep You Healthy This World Health Day

AT&T Newsroom
April 5, 2018


Dictum Health Introduces the VER-MEDIC Telehealth Product Line

EMS World
September 28, 2017


The REAL Acute Care: Hurricanes, Health Tech, and What Happens When Electricity Goes Out

Telecare Aware
Sept. 19, 2017


Dictum Health Makes Headway in Remote Patient Monitoring

mHealth Watch
August 9, 2017


FDA Roundup: Dictum Health

MobiHealth News
July 31, 2017


Aster Volunteers to Help Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Aster Volunteers
June 16, 2017


Dictum Health Integrates with EproMedical EHR Software

EMR Industry
August 5, 2016


Dictum Health Integrates with EproMedical EHR Software

Health Care Business
August 5, 2016


Introducing Dictum Health

Telecom Reseller
May 19, 2016


Dictum Health Introduces “Virtual Exam Room”

Home Care Technology Report
May 17, 2016


Cloud-Based Telehealth System Connects Physicians and Patients

March 28, 2016


Dictum Health’s IDM100 Tablet FDA Cleared

March 1, 2016