Dictum Health Expands Globally

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January 16, 2017 - OAKLAND, Calif.. Dictum Health, Inc., an innovative leader in end-to-end telehealth, announced today that it is expanding globally. Having received clearances from the FDA of Saudi Arabia, and the Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates, as well as registration approval from the FDA of Thailand, for its fully-integrated IDM100 medical tablet, Dictum Health looks forward to improving access to care, reducing cost, and improving quality of care. 

Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, and Thailand are experiencing increases in aging populations and chronic diseases, resulting in higher demands on clinical care providers. In addition, many patients need ongoing care, or specialist care, in rural, remote, and home settings. To address these challenges, health care providers need an advanced solution that extends clinical reach to patients and expands patient access to care without sacrificing care quality. Dictum Health’s FDA-Cleared IDM100 and Care Central Cloud Services serve as that advanced, telehealth solution by connecting patients and clinicians with real-time video, patient data and alerts. 

“We are committed to excellence and innovation in the delivery of health care. We believe an integrated approach to care delivery using Dictum Health’s telehealth systems will provide the best patient experiences and outcomes possible. Together we enable the future of medical care now,” said Bassam Chahine, Chief Operating Officer Specialized Medical Center Hospital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

Dictum Health’s telehealth solution features a virtual exam room with video conferencing and simultaneous streaming of vital signs, cardiopulmonary data, and medical images -- allowing even the most at risk patients to be remotely monitored, examined, and treated - with the same clinical accuracy as an in-office exam. Thus, clinics can provide patients with the care that they need, regardless of location, using Dictum Health’s IDM100 and Care Central. 

“Improving outcomes and extending access to quality care globally are two of our guiding principles. Receiving these clearances for the IDM100 Medical Tablet, it enables healthcare providers, patients, families and other members of the care team to have confidence that our telehealth solution is safe and effective. We are excited to expand our product offering across the globe,” said Paul W. Landesman, PhD, Vice President, Quality and Regulatory for Dictum Health. 

“Providing advanced healthcare services to improve access to care and patient outcomes is our goal. Supporting this effort by distributing the most premier brands from around the world and incorporating innovative technologies such as Dictum Health’s end-to-end telehealth system helps us deliver the highest standards of quality patient-centered care, while at the same time helping to reduce the cost of care delivery,” said Dr B R Shetty, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, NMC Healthcare in the UAE.

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