eVER-HOME Monitoring Platform


Bridging the Gaps in Time, Distance, and Communication to Deliver Remote Patient Care 

The eVER-HOME platform simplifies planning and deploying remote care management, encourages patients to be more active with their own health care, and seamlessly integrates into their daily lives. The platform supports medication management, active trend analysis, and test compliance alerts via Care Central, email, and text. The intuitive easy-to-use, high-resolution touch screen keeps patients connected to their clinician 24/7, eliminates unnecessary travel, and reduces intervention time.  

 Built with integrated WiFi and two internal HD cameras for medical images and videoconferencing, patients and clinicians come face to face in our Virtual Exam Room (VER). During virtual exams, physicians video conference with their patient and simultaneously view real-time comprehensive monitoring data.  

The system is Bluetooth connected, has no wires, requires no setup, and the patient does not need any prior knowledge of how to use the technology. The eVER-HOME seamlessly transfers patient information and data to EMRs through HL7 or web services. 

Patient Assessment and Information 

  • Virtual Exam Room (VER)  

  • Medication Management  

Monitoring Tools 

  • SPO2 Pulse-Oximeter 

  • Weight / Height and Personalized BMI  

  • Thermometer  

  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure  

  • Glucose Measurement 

  • Pain Measurement 

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