Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Rural and remote areas have become hospital deserts, pushing EMS to the center of healthcare delivery, so by opening access to a remote specialist using telehealth, we can reduce unnecessary transport and prioritize at-risk patients. North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue is accustomed to treating known high-risk, frequent-user patients during scheduled health checks out of ambulances. They use Dictum Health's VER-MEDIC inside patients' homes as an extension of the paramedic trucks, to collect more complete, timely data on frequent users of emergency medical services and to reduce avoidable hospital visits.

This unit allows our Community Paramedicine program staff to quickly and efficiently gather vital patient information, and to share this information with our health care partners in real-time. The video conference and digital stethoscope make remote physician consults much more meaningful.
— Shane Spielvogle RN-BSN, PHRN and Executive Director of North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue

VER-MEDIC gives me the ability to look at multiple facets of assessment with one piece of equipment from eyes, ears, nose, and throat to basic vital signs and neurologic deficits. I could have recorded and sent them straight to Divers Alert Network if I had to.
— Mike Hudson, lead paramedic on Shark Week's "Sharkwrecked" and 20-year ocean rescue specialist