Care Central Software


Connect Clinicians and Patients

Care Central Software includes clinician and administrator portals that connect to remote devices through our HIPAA-compliant cloud services. This comprehensive, easy- to-use software allows users to manage patients, clinician profiles, and devices. Clinicians can set and manage customized alerts for monitoring patients and make expedited clinical decisions by viewing diagnostics and analyzing trends of biometric data. Transfer patient data seamlessly to EMR/EHR systems using HL7, or web services, with Dictum Health’s EMR gateway. By accessing the Virtual Exam Room through Care Central, a clinician can provide clinical care.

Clinician Portal

  • Patient information management

    • Identification, medical history, archived diagnostic data, medication, allergies, clinical notes

  • Alerts

    • Diagnostic

    • Compliance

  • Trends

    • Diagnostic

Administrator Portal

  • Manage devices

    • Inventory

    • ID number

    • Location

    • Registrant

  • Manage clinician profiles

  • Manage administrator profiles

  • Virtual Waiting Room

  • Patients ready for virtual exam

  • View patient wait time

  • Schedule

  • Resource Center

  • Assessment Module

    • Telestroke

  • Access to medical records via EMR gateway

  • Manage clinical groups

  • Systems

    • VER analysis

    • EMR connections

    • Login records

  • Resource Center

Data Sheets